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Democrats Just Won A Kentucky House Seat In A District Trump Won By 49%

Democrats Just Won A Kentucky House Seat In A District Trump Won By 49%

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If Kentucky is any sign of things to come, House and Senate Republicans have a lot to worry about in the upcoming mid-term elections.

President Trump won Kentucky’s 49th district 72-23 during the 2016 Presidential election. Democrat Linda Belcher just reclaimed that district’s seat after being elected with a final tally of 68-32.

Belcher was elected in 2008 and then unseated by Republican pastor Dan Johnson. Belcher was removed from office in December 2017 after the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting uncovered an incident in which Johnson allegedly molested a 17-year-old girl.

Following allegations of his horrible crime, Johnson committed suicide, leaving his seat open and for the taking. Johnson’s widow, Rebecca, attempted to fill his seat but was no match for the district’s previous seat holder.

We can’t examine this single special election and assume every other district will follow a similar path, however, the Democratic party has shown during recent special elections that voters are looking for a change. Right now, that change seems to be distrupting a House and Senate that is controlled by the Republican party.

President Trump is throwing his weight behind GOP candidates for open seats. After Mitt Romney announced he would run for an open Senate seat in Utah, Trump sent a tweet in support of the former Presidential candidate.

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With the worst Presidential approval rating in modern times, it’s yet to be seen if Trump’s support of candidates will help or hurt their chances during the mid-term election cycle.

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