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Democrats Introduce Guaranteed Paid Sick Leave Bill To Deal With Coronavirus Threat

Democrats Introduce Guaranteed Paid Sick Leave Bill To Deal With Coronavirus Threat

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In an effort to provide much-needed cushion and peace of mind to working Americans amid the coronavirus emergency, Democrats in the House and Senate introduced a bill requiring all employers to grant workers paid sick days in light of the global pandemic’s spread.

Introduced by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), the bill would mandate all employers to let workers accrue seven days of paid sick leave and immediately provide 14 additional days when there is a public health emergency.

Even though our deranged and thoroughly anti-science fake president is leading with his massive gut on this monumentally terrifying issue — something us adults feared might happen under a Trump presidency — Democrats are not taking any chances and are heeding the sound advice of health experts.

Those experts have been encouraging Americans to stay home if they feel sick to help prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus, but the lack of a federal guarantee for paid leave poises financial ruin for some workers, particularly for those in food and restaurant industry.

“The lack of paid sick days could make coronavirus harder to contain in the United States compared with other countries that have universal sick leave policies in place,” DeLauro, who chairs the House Appropriations subcommittee overseeing federal health agencies, said in a statement. “Low-income workers and their families could be hit even harder by the virus, as low wage jobs are at the forefront of not providing sick leave benefits.”

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Both Democrats were concerned that low-wage workers would fear losing much-needed pay, and could threaten their communities by showing up to work.

“Workers want to do the right thing for themselves, their families, and their communities — so especially in the middle of public health crises like this, staying home sick shouldn’t have to mean losing a paycheck or a job,” Murray said.

States like New Jersey already offer all part-time and full-time employees guaranteed paid sick leave, but that only applies to 7 days of earned sick leave. Now that the Coronavirus has affected a couple of residents in New Jersey, and considering how so many of its residents work in New York City, this bill would really benefit workers in the Garden State.

But considering how utterly anti-worker and middle class the Republican Party is, one truly has to wonder if Moscow Mitch will consider passing this all-important piece of legislation,

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