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House Democrats Want To Oust Trump Because He’s Crazy And Out Of Shape

House Democrats Want To Oust Trump Because He’s Crazy And Out Of Shape

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House Democrats are attempting to use a little-known power of the 25th Amendment to oust President Trump from office.

A proposal from freshman Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland and a group of growing Democratic co-signers has put forth a bill that could force President Trump from office by finding him mentally or physically unfit.

The bill was introduced in April but has gained steam as Trump continues to use Twitter as his own battering ram against all of his opponents.

Although it was introduced in April, the bill has gained steam in the past week as Trump’s tweet storms have grown in ferocity.

“Given Donald Trump’s continued erratic and baffling behavior, is it any wonder why we need to pursue this legislation?” asked Rep. Darren Soto, D-Florida, a co-signer. “The mental and physical health of the leader of the United States and the free world is a matter of great public concern.”

If the bill passes, it would lead the way to creating an 11-memeber bipartisan commission known as the Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity, which would medically examine the president and evaluate his mental and physical faculties.

Rankin has focused the bill on Section 4 of the 25th Amendment, which allows the vice president to remove the president if he or she has the consent of the majority of the Cabinet or “such other body as Congress,” when they believe he cannot “discharge the powers and duties of the office.”

Trump could be removed if he “is temporarily or permanently impaired by physical illness or disability, mental illness, mental deficiency, or alcohol or drug use to the extent that the person lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to execute the powers and duties of the office of President.”

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20 members of Congress signed the bill in April and that number continues to grow every day that Trump launches another vicious attack against women, news commentators, and others.


The 25th Amendment has been used a handful of times when presidents have had to be sedated for medical procedures.

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