Democratic Senator Confirms Our Belief About Russia Perpetually Supporting The Right

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) said on Sunday that it’s “pretty clear” Russia has backed conservatives “over and over again” when interfering with American politics.

“They are involved every single day, and analysis of what they’ve been doing on Twitter since 2016 has been pretty clear,” Murphy said on CNN’s State of the Union. “They are weighing in over and over again in support of right causes, in support of Donald Trump’s political agenda.”

The Connecticut Democrat continued by saying President Trump has been a “gift” to Russia.

In case you were wondering why President Trump fired acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire last week and felt compelled to replace him with Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell (the dumbest, bootlicking loyalist who couldn’t find intelligence if he Googled it) it’s because it follows reports that Russia is already attempting to meddle in 2020.

Naturally, that makes our stable genius huffy since it means he might not be able to hold up another copy of his big boy electoral college map.

And while President Trump attacks the deep state and fires anyone not remotely loyal to him, Democratic Presidential Frontrunner Bernie Sanders, also a target of Russian meddling, forcefully called Out Putin by saying he’s a “thug” and “should stay out of US Elections.”

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