“Democratic Leaders Need To Be Shot Dead In The Streets!” Trump Supporters Cheer At Portland Protest

A group of right-wing protestors gathered in Portland for a pro-Trump protest. In one clip circulating social media, a speaker is espousing false Q-Anon conspiracy theories, then screams that Democratic leaders “need to be shot dead in the streets!” A cheer rises from those around him and clapping and the word “Yeah!” can be heard.

Trump supporters yell for democrat deaths
[Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images]

A reporter outside Portland says that a far-right rally of Trump supporters gathered on Monday, calling for death to Democrats. In the clip, attendees wearing “Oregon women for Trump” shirts, MAGA hats, and waving flags listen as a speaker falsely links pedophiles to LGBTQ rights, and claims that Democratic leadership is allowing pedophilia to be normalized. (Related story: Donald Trump called Michael Cohen’s 15-year-old daughter a “piece of a**” he’d “like to get some of,” according to the attorney.)

That’s not all that on-the-ground independent reporters are seeing at the protest. Protestors are caught on video appearing to say that it’s okay to shoot at counter-protestors with paintball guns because Donald Trump said that paint was defensive, and plenty of open carry of rifles can be seen alongside American flags, Trump flags, and Thin Blue Line flags.

A New York Times reporter also documented that the members of the white nationalist group Proud Boys had taped over their license plates, obscuring identifying information.

At a previous white supremacist rally in Portland, a Patriot Prayer member was killed, reportedly after spraying bear mace at those around him. The man accused of shooting him was killed by police, who say that he resisted arrest.

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