Democratic Lawmakers Are Eager for Biden to Debate Trump

Donald Trump is desperate to run around his fading poll numbers. Now that he can’t travel the country and speak to his supporters, he is looking for different ways to change his fortunes.

Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

The best way, the President’s team thinks, for him to do so is to debate Joe Biden. While there are some Democratic figures that don’t think a debate with Trump is smart or necessary, many more prominent Liberal lawmakers feel the events are important.

Elizabeth Warren, who is still on the short list to become Biden’s Vice President opined, “We’ve had presidential debates for a long time now, and it’s been a way for a lot of people around the nation to be able to see the candidates in action. I know that Joe Biden will show who he is, a man of both empathy and competence, and I’d like the American people to have a chance to see that.”

Senator Richard Blumenthal agreed with Warren. He said of a potential debate, “Joe Biden has nothing to fear from Donald Trump, even with all his lack of scruples and integrity. If Donald Trump lies, he could be called out by the moderator. The press now has been ready to say there are some standards here, and I think that’s what the moderator would do. I think Biden is hardly one to shirk that kind of challenge.”

And Biden’s campaign said the candidate is eager to take on Trump when the time comes. Team Biden’s Andrew Bates remarked, “Joe Biden said in June that he looks forward to debating Donald Trump on the dates and in the locations chosen by the Presidential Commission on Debates. We are still waiting for Donald Trump to agree to as much.”

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