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Former Democratic Congressional Candidate Allegedly Sent Unsolicited Nude Photos to Twitter Users

Former Democratic Congressional Candidate Allegedly Sent Unsolicited Nude Photos to Twitter Users

Sex scandals are a dime a dozen in politics, and they aren’t exclusive to just one party. While the Republicans are currently dealing with the fallout from the Matt Gaetz sex trafficking story, the Democrats have also had their own issues with men stepping out on and then over their wives (the hive mind may immediately go to Bill Clinton, but never forget John Edwards). Smaller political names have also been brought down by affairs or other behaviors outside of their marriages, and it often becomes fodder for late-night talk show hosts and Twitter trends.

Concurrently, Twitter has always hosted its share of grifters operating just under the radar. They present themselves as “Resisters”, devoted to all of the Democratic causes when they are really lining their pockets with donations to their false PACs or their alleged photography books. Sometimes, the sex scandals and the grifting converge into one, and that’s the story of erstwhile Lousiana Congressional candidate Rob Anderson.

Anderson made an unsuccessful bid for Congress during the 2018 midterms (in the race against Clay Higgins for Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District seat in the House of Representatives, Higgins crushed his opponents with 68% of the vote, while Braylon Harris received 18% and Anderson received only 12%) but still managed to accrue a healthy Twitter following, including some of the larger and more influential Twitter accounts. Anderson spent hours in DM rooms with these influencers, pushing them to promote his podcast and other tweets. Anderson was also planning a crawfish boil at his property outside Baton Rouge over the July 4th weekend and pushed influencers to book tickets and flights to join the party.

[Full disclosure: until Monday of this week, I was in one private Twitter DM room with Rob and other Democratic influencers, but never had any interactions with him outside of that room. I am no longer following and have blocked him, as have most of the Twitter users who were once friends with him]

On Monday, messages began appearing in these DM rooms that Anderson had allegedly been sending unsolicited nude photos to several different women on Twitter. Anderson reportedly cultivated relationships with a total of eight different women, some of whom were in his employ as staffers, although they say they were never paid in full and have accused Anderson of simply paying himself with the funds he raised.

Twitter user @RancidGinger (who was in “Twitter jail” on Wednesday for sharing her photos of Anderson) spoke exclusively to HillReporter about the recon she’s done on Anderson. Two of the eight women concerned entered into consensual Twitter affairs with him with the understanding that his wife was ok with it. They were later informed by a third party that she was not.

Four other women were sent completely unsolicited pics. Most of the screenshots acquired by HillReporter were from a woman who worked on his campaign and didn’t know how to respond to his advances. She kept trying to remain professional and he would just escalate until he finally sent a photo of his penis, and then asked her if it was okay after he sent it. Because she worked for him and didn’t want to upset her boss, she said it was fine, which is an unfortunately common position for women in supportive roles. However, she also said she was very uncomfortable and felt she had no choice but to tolerate his behavior, as he had promised to help her advance in her political career.

Other women have come forward as well:

  • “Rhiannon” was sent a full-body photo she says was not solicited, and received more photos from Anderson. Again, she tried to remain professional. He offered her a position in his campaign, so he had her address, and phone number.
  • “Honey” was sent a topless pic, which she outed him for; Anderson apologized publicly for the transgression and is leaning heavily on that apology as his mea culpa.
  • Twitter user @SnarkGrapefruit was also sent an unsolicited topless pic.

The original photos were sent with Anderson’s private parts on full display. @RancidGinger tweeted them but has deleted her tweet while still in Twitmo. The women who have come forward have also revealed that Anderson claimed to be autistic and blamed some of his behaviors on not being able to pick up on social cues, but HillReporter could find nothing to verify these claims.

Rob Anderson is said to have explicitly asked for nude photos in return to help these women with their political careers. HillReporter reached out to Anderson via DM to ask him about his behavior once we had seen the screenshots. What follows is the full exchange as we received it.



Now that the news about Anderson is making the rounds on Twitter, many people are coming to his defense despite the abundance of incriminating photos, messages, and texts.

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Fortunately, there are also plenty of people supporting Anderson’s victims.

Rob Anderson has denied all accusations but has also locked his Twitter account after deleting several ‘incriminating’ tweets. He is also promising to appear on camera to dispute the charges.


HillReporter will continue to update this story as it progresses and will present Rob Anderson’s full statement upon its release.

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