Democrat Rep: No Need for Hannity To Testify, ‘We Have a Tape Recording’

Another chapter in the Michael Cohen saga was revealed during a candid interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity and President Trump. The two were discussing Cohen’s testimony, statements and evidence regarding hush payments Cohen admitted to arranging in order to help Trump’s campaign. The former Trump lawyer said the payments were made at Trump’s direction. However, Hannity said this testimony was very different from what Cohen had told him in the past.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

“I can tell you personally, he said to me at least a dozen times, that he made the decision on the payments and he didn’t tell you,” Hannity told Trump.

This drew the interest of Rep. David Cicilline (D-Rhode Island) as he would soon tweet “Sean Hannity is now volunteering himself as a witness. I look forward to his testimony.”

Cicilline, although initially interested in hearing Sean Hannity testify before Congress in person, apparently walked back his tweet.

Cicilline is dubious of what Cohen might have said to Hannity and says that Congress already has a tape recording of what Trump knew about hush payments.

So given the evidence that Trump was involved with discussions on hush payments, Cicilline no longer feels it’s necessary to have Hannity testify, indicating that his original tweet was more or less a warning as to where things should go in the case.



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