Democrat Matt Purtorti Will Try to Take out Trump Loving Elise Stefanik in 2022

When then 30 year-old Elise Stefanik won her seat in 2014, she became one of youngest members ever elected to the House of Representatives. She originally ran as a moderate and was seen as one of the rising stars of the GOP.

Saul Loeb – Pool/Getty Images

Stefanik is still a rising star in the party, but for an entirely different reason. The New York Rep. has gone all in on Donald Trump and is now the Chair of the Republican House Conference.

And now that she’s painted a target on her back, there are Democrats that would love to take her out. One of those Democrats is Matt Purtorti who plans on challenging Stefanik in 2022.

In announcing his candidacy, the 37 year-old Liberal called out Stefanik for dividing the country. “Elise Stefanik is a threat to spaghetti dinner towns,” he said. “If we continue to divide people they’re not going to be able to share that meal together.”

The Democrat is likely to raise and awful lot of money. Tedra Cobb, who opposed Stefanik in 2020, was able to raise over $5 million. It didn’t do her much good, though, as Stefanik won her reelection bid with a 59% share of the vote.

This is, however, a redistricting year and Democrats may be able to target Stefanik’s area, making it a bit bluer during the next election.

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