“Dementia Joe” Trends As MAGAs Flail Desperately To Trash POTUS

Joe Biden has signed the American Rescue Plan — supported by a bipartisan majority of Americans and zero Republican Senators — into law. He’s fought to make the COVID-19 vaccine available to every American. So, what are MAGAs criticizing about him? His age.

"Dementia Joe" trends -- and the left takes it back
[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Friday morning, following President Joe Biden’s speech the night before, “Dementia Joe” joined “thank Trump” in trending on Twitter. The former president had been in the news for trying to take credit for the development of COVID-19 vaccines, and the current president had just announced that every adult American who wants the vaccine will be given access to it sooner than previously promised.

Joe Biden subject of MAGA derision
[Screenshot via Twitter]

It’s somewhat reminiscent of criticism as Biden and Donald Trump approached the Presidential Debate, during their campaigns, when Trump’s fan base simultaneously painted the challenger as a bumbling old man who couldn’t string together a complete sentence, and as a brilliant debater who would paint the incumbent into corners. Now, they’re upset at his legislative successes — and still want to pretend he can’t remember his own name.

There was backlash as the left took over the trending topic, though, reminding the public not only of Biden’s work completed in his short time in office so far, but of his predecessor’s tendency for verbal foibles.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden isn’t responding to the negativity and attacks. He’s been very open about the speech disability, his stutter, that ablists and Trump supporters often misleadingly use as ‘evidence’ of his mental decline, and he’s sticking to the work, without focusing on the insults.g

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