Dem. Senator Sherrod Brown Says He’s Fine With GOP Calling Hunter Biden as a Witness

One of the biggest questions left to be answered in the Trump impeachment trial is whether or not there will be witnesses. Time will tell if there are enough Republican senators who will vote to make that happen.

John Lamparski/Getty Images

One of the main issues the GOP had with the House impeachment inquiry was that witnesses they requested weren’t called. This included people like congressman Adam Schiff an Hunter Biden. On Monday, Senator Sherrod Brown said he’d be fine with Biden as a witness if that meant Democrats could question John Bolton.

The Ohio lawmaker made the comments during an interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar. Brown told the host, “I don’t know how you justify not calling witnesses and not introducing new information, if it’s related to this trial that has an impact on it.”

Keilar countered by saying that if Democrats need to hear from people from John Bolton, the GOP will want to hear from Biden.

“Fine,” Brown said. “We take the position that we want to hear from witnesses. I don’t know what Hunter Biden has to do with the phone call that was made…”

The senator continued, “I think many Republicans think that’s a distraction. That’s what Republican senators tell me quietly. Republican senators also quietly tell me this president is a bigot and tell me this president lies a lot. They don’t say that publicly. But I guess that’s beside the point for this trial.”




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