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Dem Senator: GOP Lawmakers Privately Believe Trump’s Actions Rise to the Level of Obstruction of Justice

Dem Senator: GOP Lawmakers Privately Believe Trump’s Actions Rise to the Level of Obstruction of Justice

U.S. Sen. Chris Coons, a Democrat from Delaware, stated in an interview on CNN’s “New Day” that he’s had private conversations with Republican colleagues who agree with a recent GOP House member’s statements regarding President Donald Trump’s alleged illicit conduct in office.

Coons, who described those conversations to host Alisyn Camerota, said he did not expect Rep. Justin Amash (R-Michigan) to have said what he did about the president.

HillReporter.com previously reported that Amash spoke out about the president’s conduct after completing a full read of the Mueller report. The Republican representative concluded that Trump had indeed “engaged in impeachable conduct.”

Trump responded with an attack against the lawmaker, a member of his own political party, calling him a “total lightweight” and accusing him of not reading the report at all.

Coons explained his reaction to Amash’s findings.

“I was surprised to see a Republican congressman saying publicly what many are thinking privately,” Coons said, according to reporting from Raw Story. “Those who have read the Mueller report cannot avoid the conclusion that the president and some of his advisers engaged in profoundly disappointing, reprehensible conduct that would rise to the level of obstruction of justice.”

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Camerota asked Coons to expand on his statement. “You don’t think Republicans are thinking that privately, do you?” she asked.

“Yes,” Coons responded, citing “conversations” he’s had with Republicans.

He stopped short, however, of saying those lawmakers would vote to indict the sitting president if given the opportunity to decide on the issue of impeachment.

“There is a difference between thinking the Mueller report reveals conduct that is deeply disappointing, inappropriate, borderline or actually illegal, and saying they would vote to remove the president,” Coons said.

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