Dem Rep. Moskovitz Calls On Florida To Tax Mar-a-Lago Based on Trump's Valuations

Florida Democratic Congressman Jared Moskovitz has written a letter to Palm Beach, Florida asking that the country tax Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago property at the valuation claimed by the former President.

Moskovitz first became a Member of the House of Representatives in January of 2023. He has quickly shown himself to be an excellent communicator for Democrats. He has also shown a special knack for getting under the skin of the opposition. 

Donald Trump recently took umbrage when a New York Court valued Mar-a-Lago at only $18 million. Trump responded, "This highly partisan Democrat 'Judge' (All the Clubs, etc.) just ruled that Mar-a-Lago was WORTH just 18 Million Dollars when, in fact, it may be worth 100 times that amount."

Moskovitz wrote to Palm Beach Country, "Between 2011 and 2021, you value the Mar-a-Lago property between $18 million and $28 million."

The letter continued:

"Mar-a-Lago was listed as worth $490 million in financial documents given to banks. If the property value of Mar-a-Lago is so much higher than it was appraised, will you be amending the property value in line with the Trump family’s belief that the property is worth well over a billion dollars?"

This is yet another case of Trump's pride getting in the way of his own best interests. Palm Beach Country has yet to answer Representative Moskovitz's letter.