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Dem, GOP Voters Demonstrate Huge Differences Of Opinion On Climate Change’s Importance

Dem, GOP Voters Demonstrate Huge Differences Of Opinion On Climate Change’s Importance

Democratic- and Republican-aligned voters don’t have many things to agree on these days when it comes to political matters — which is hardly a surprising revelation. Interestingly, however, voters from the two major parties disagree on what will motivate them to the polls in the 2020 election.

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According to a poll from CBS News, most voters from both sides of the political spectrum feel that the issues of health care, guns, and the economy and jobs, will play a role in deciding how they vote next year, albeit to differing degrees.

Eighty-two percent of Democrats call health care a “very important” issue driving their vote, while 54 percent of Republicans say as much. The economy and jobs is important to 58 percent of Republicans, while 61 percent of Democrats feel the same way. And on guns, 68 percent of Democrats say the issue is something that is of great importance; it’s less so, yet still a majority, for Republicans, of which 51 percent say the issue is important to them, too.

Two issues are deemed important by a majority of voters from one party, but not the other.

On immigration, 62 percent of Republicans say the issue is “very important,” while just 43 percent of Democrats say the same. That’s a 19-point difference, which is a significant divide — but not nearly as wide as partisan voters’ views on climate change.

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On that issue, 72 percent of Democratic voters say it’s “very important” to them. Just 20 percent of Republican voters, however, say climate change is something that greatly matters to them, demonstrating a whopping 52-point difference on the subject.

While Republicans might not think the issue is of great importance, other polls show that, in general, American voters’ views on climate change weigh heavily on their mind.

A Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation poll released earlier this month found that 76 percent of Americans either believe climate change is a crisis or a major problem for the world. Just 23 percent said that the issue was a minor problem, or not a problem at all.

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