Dem. Challengers Open Big Leads in MT/NC Senate Races

While the House is currently held by Democrats, much of the legislation passed through Congress has been squashed by Mitch McConnell. The Senate Majority Leader recently said that he isn’t willing to “bail-out” Blue States hit hard by the Coronavirus.

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia 

If Democrats want a way around McConnell, they’re are going to have to take back the Senate in 2020. Liberals feel good about their chances in states like Arizona, Maine and Colorado. More right-leaning states will be up for grabs too. Good news came for the party came in two recent polls that showed two Democratic challengers opening big leads in traditionally red states.

The North Carolina race features incumbent Thom Tillis likely taking on Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham. A poll from Civiqs shows Cunningham blowing out the endangered Republican with a lead of 50% to 41%.

A likely factor in the challengers lead is the anemic approval rating for Tillis. He currently holds a 33% approval rating, while 52% of voters disapprove. Cunningham is favored by 42% of North Carolinians with 22% who don’t see him in a favorable light.

There is a similar race in Montana where incumbent Steve Daines is taking on Democrat Steve Bullock. Bullock currently serves as the Governor of the state and has been popular there since being elected in 2013.

President Trump is popular in the state of Montana. He won the 2016 vote in the state by a margin of 56-35 . That doesn’t mean Democrats like Bullock can’t carry the state. The other senator in Montana is Jon Tester who was re-elected in 2018.

According to a new poll conducted by Montana State University, Bullock is defeating  his Republican opponent by 7 points. Trump also looks to be facing a tougher race as he only leads Joe Biden in the state by 5 percent.



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