Delaware Computer Repair Guy Gets His 15 Minutes

With the exception of Trump-supporting conservatives who want to believe it’s true, pretty much no one is buying into the fantasy that a computer repair guy in Wilmington, Del., found the smoking gun that connects Joe and Hunter Biden to nefarious dealings with a Ukrainian energy company. For that computer repair guy who’s placed himself at the center of the story, his 15 minutes of fame must be looking like a bit of a nightmare.

Speaking with reporters yesterday, John Paul Mac Issac gave conflicting, rambling answers to questions about how he allegedly came into possession of the computer equipment, how it got into the hands of Rudy Giuliani and the FBI and why he feared for his life. One of his more cryptic statements: “When you’re afraid that you don’t know anything about the depth of the waters that you’re in, you kind of, you want to find a lifeguard.”

Already the bizarre story is having an impact on his business, The Mac Shop. Before yesterday it had received 15 Yelp reviews since 2012, most of them giving him five stars. After it became associated with the New York Post story, 23 reviews popped up. Most accuse him of making up the whole story about Hunter Biden dropping off his computer equipment in April 2019 and never picking it up.

One of the posts to the Yelp page pointed out a critical factual detail: “Owner claims to have stolen information off a computer, reported it to a friend who reported it to Rudy who then reported it to the NY Post. Mind you the person he stole the information from hasn’t lived in Delaware for years.” Hunter Biden has lived in Los Angeles since 2018.

Dozens of people also have found his public page on Facebook. Most of the comments are unprintable here.

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