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Deja Vu: Mike Lindell Says His Case Will Be Before SCOTUS By Thanksgiving

Deja Vu: Mike Lindell Says His Case Will Be Before SCOTUS By Thanksgiving

If you’re thinking Mike Lindell’s newest claim sounds exactly like the same claim he’s made over and over, just with a new date attached, you aren’t really wrong at all. Yes, he’s promised before that he will definitely really for sure produce actual evidence of election fraud this time, and he’s promised before that his case will be heard by the Supreme Court.

[Screenshot from War Room Podcast via FrankSpeech]

Still, the fact that so far, not one of these claims has borne out, doesn’t seem to be stopping Lindell from making them yet again. Here’s a clip from Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, via Patriot Takes.

I asked all the lawyers just yesterday. We are taking this case to the Supreme Court before Thanksgiving!

This may be news to the Supreme Court, which has already published its calendars for cases to be heard in October and November.

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Lindell has made large proclamations before, then walked them back — such as when he backtracked on claims that the Supreme Court would overturn the election immediately after hearing his Cyber Symposium ‘evidence’ (which also never surfaced).

The symposium itself was a massive flop, with Lindell claiming to be attacked by a man with an orange, and insisting that antifa had infiltrated the invite-only event, before finally admitting that he didn’t have the routers he’d claimed his Cyber Guy would pull data from.

He has indicated that election fraud claims are a lucrative business for him, declaring that being sued by Dominion Voting Systems for his unsupported allegations against the company has actually financially benefitted him. On his Telegram page, he intersperses his voter fraud claims and links to interviews with links and ads for his MyPillow products.

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