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Deja Vote: Kari Lake Claims To Have Proof Of 2022 Election Fraud — But Won’t Share It

Deja Vote: Kari Lake Claims To Have Proof Of 2022 Election Fraud — But Won’t Share It

We’ve been hearing about rampant election fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election since well before the polls even opened, with Donald Trump insisting that mail-in ballots would encourage illegal votes, and spinning tales of a variety of other ways the election would be ‘rigged.’ Now it’s Kari Lake’s turn, in her Arizona primary, and she’s rising to the standard Trump set.

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Despite his claims, to this day Trump has never produced a shred of evidence for his election claims. Attorneys have taken his claims to court after court, where they’ve repeatedly been found to be without merit. Lake, too, is claiming to have evidence of fraud in her gubernatorial election, and she’s claimed it since before the first ballot was cast.

On the day of her primary, NBC correspondent Vaughn Hillyard confronted her to ask about the supposed fraud. Instead of either sharing something about the evidence she claims to have, or admitting she has none, Lake resorted to a personal attack, saying she wouldn’t share it with Hillyard.

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“Unfortunately people like Vaughn are destroying America…The last person that I’d tell on the planet Earth that I would tell about what we discovered is you and MSDNC.”

Even when Hillyard asked about reporting to the authorities, Lake dodged, saying, “And I’m not telling you about it.”

Polls show Lake leading in her primary by a significant margin, and she has Donald Trump’s endorsement, so it’s not clear what would have her worried and preparing a backup plan, but she’s already indicated that she will not accept the outcome if she loses.

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