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Defiant and Selfish Mayor Of New Mexico City Vows “Confrontation” With State Police Over Lockdown

Defiant and Selfish Mayor Of New Mexico City Vows “Confrontation” With State Police Over Lockdown

Besides exposing failure in our healthcare system, the coronavirus outbreak has truly exposed just how sh*tty and selfish many of us are. Taking his cues from other selfish and stupid lockdown protestors, Mayor Martin “Modey” Hicks of Grants, New Mexico is now vowing to have a “confrontation” with his tiny town’s police force and the New Mexico State Police over the COVID-19 lockdown order that shuttered nonessential businesses to prevent the spread of the virus.

Mayor Modey Hicks. Image City of Grants

Hicks, who does run a very small town and feels he’s different from the larger and more affected cities across America, previously stated he would allow all small businesses to reopen in defiance of the governor’s order to keep them closed during the health emergency.

 [Gov. Lujan Grisham] is picking winners and losers, say you have own a dress shop, that’s not essential to her, alright, but if you put food on the table from having that business, its essential to you, ‘innit? [sic.] The mayor added, I don’t care if it’s a liquor store, a gun store or whatever – if Walmart, Smiths and Walgreens can stay open with social distancing, so can everybody else. Why is it that the Coronavirus can be here at Diamond G, you know we had it there right? Then they closed and now theyre back open. Why is it that they can close and then reopen? Why can’t everybody do that?” The Mayor asked.

Here’s Mayor Hicks on a potential confrontation with New Mexico State Police:

“There will be a confrontation down here. I guarantee you there,” Hicks told The Associated Press late Friday. “I’ve ordered the police to stop any State Police officer who comes into town and tries to shut them down.”

The nearby Native American community at Acoma Pueblo vigorously opposes the Grants plan to allow the reopening of nonessential businesses. In fact, Pueblo Gov. Brian Vallo urged the governor of New Mexico to take any measures necessary to prevent nonessential businesses in Grants from reopening before the state’s lockdown orders expire

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“I am extremely concerned that opening now is too soon and will create a very risky situation for my pueblo and will hamper our efforts to keep our community safe and protected,” Vallo said in a letter.”

Considering it feels like we have all been living 300 days of March as the stay-in-shelter orders have certainly caused massive mental and financial distress, one can easily identify with Hicks’ frustrations. And while there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to reopening states and cities across America, the mayor is not only putting his citizens in harm’s way but also threatening unnecessary stress (and potential violence) for already beleaguered first responders. Worse yet, bragging about breaking the law is the absolute last thing the residents of his New Mexico city need.


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