Death Does Not Phase Trump Supporters Who Want To Reopen The Economy

The nation has been under lockdown for nearly a month thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The curve is far from flattening in a way that would make it safe to reopen non-essential businesses, but President Donald Trump and his allies wish to do so anyway, with rank and file Trump supporters are following suit as well.


According to the Daily Beast, Trump supporters are organizing to try to force the executives of their respective states to release them from “stay at home” orders and social distancing guidelines. Some are even unfazed by the possibility of death, such as North Carolina Trump supporter Ashley Smith, who leads a group called “ReopenNC.”

Smith said of the pandemic:

“When it’s my time to go, God’s going to call me home. I think that to live is inherently to take risks. I’m not concerned about this virus any more than I am about the flu.”

Roseanne Ponkowski of Michigan is encouraged by a death toll lower than she has expected, despite the fact that deaths are now in the thousands. She said:

“They were predicting huge numbers of people falling ill and dying, and that wasn’t the case.”

Even former Georgia Congressman and one-time CNN commentator Jack Kingston weighed in, saying, “The liquor stores and dispensaries are open but I can’t buy [a] gun!”

There were always going to be civil liberties concerns during the shutdown, as well as economic ones. However, the governors of their respective states are following the advice of experts and ordering social distancing until it is safe for things to return to normal.

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