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DeAnna Lorraine Suggests Trump Will Stage Military Takeover, Oust Biden, “All Will Be Corrected”

DeAnna Lorraine Suggests Trump Will Stage Military Takeover, Oust Biden, “All Will Be Corrected”

DeAnna Lorraine, the failed congressional candidate turned InfoWars host, is now promoting the Q-Anon theory that Donald Trump can still be inaugurated for a second presidential term, and that March 4th is the day.

DeAnna Lorraine -- don't support Republicans
[Screenshot via InfoWars/Banned Video]

In a post on her Telegram channel, DeAnna Lorraine says that she’s been hearing a rumor for Trump’s plans for this day. He’s going to stage a military takeover, she says — something that a private citizen definitely does not have the power to do — and oust President Joe Biden, then the “real plan will be revealed.”

DeAnna Lorraine boasts that Trump will stage a coup
[Screenshot via DeAnna Lorraine/Telegram]

A lot of [people] have been saying that President Trump is going to be coming back on March 4th to restore the original Republic and have the military take over while he ousts Biden. They said that March 4th is the date the real plan will be revealed and all will be corrected.

I guess we find out [tomorrow]!

What do YOU think will happen [tomorrow]?

“Trust the plan” is a q-anon response when their predictions fail, claiming that everything will eventually fall into place with their master conspiracy theory — the idea that Donald Trump is secretly ending pedophilia, and everyone who is against him is just scared of being caught. Q believers have accused everyone from Hillary Clinton to Supreme Court Justice John Roberts of being pedophiles, any time a given person appeared to oppose, rule against, or call out Trump.

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When Trump did not, as Q-Anon believers claimed, somehow overturn the election and maintain the presidency, conspiracy theorists said to “trust the plan” and that Trump would be inaugurated on March 4th — the very conspiracy theory Lorraine is now spreading.

She has referred to “the plan” before — notably, in one case, two days before Biden’s Presidential Inauguration, when she declared that if it wasn’t revealed in 48 hours, it was instead “the most maniacal f’d up psyop in history.”

[Screenshot via DeAnna Lorraine/Telegram]

The Capitol Police are, too, aware of the spread of this particular belief, and the possibility of a militia attack on Trump’s behalf. They have released a statement, saying intelligence has revealed “a possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group” and that they have increased security to prepare for the same eventuality Lorraine floats so excitedly.

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