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DeAnna Lorraine Suggests Krispy Kreme Is “Lying Pedophile Serial Killer” For Giving Away Free Donuts

DeAnna Lorraine Suggests Krispy Kreme Is “Lying Pedophile Serial Killer” For Giving Away Free Donuts

Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts to customers who show proof of vaccination. In a statement reminiscent of Pizzagate, the fake Wayfair scandals, and other wild q-anon theories, DeAnna Lorraine alleges that this aligns the company with pedophiles and serial killers.

[Image via DeAnna Lorraine/Parler]

Krispy Kreme holds promotions regularly that involve giving away a free donut, or offering a discount on a dozen of their standard glazed donuts. Customers lured in for the freebie buy a dozen to take home, or they add a dozen assorted to their discounted dozen glazed.

This time, though, they’ve fought DeAnna Lorraine’s ear. The one-time Congressional hopeful, who turned to podcasting, then to InfoWars hosting, and is now launching another new podcast, is very upset about anything that might encourage the public to be vaccinated. She’s even scolded her once-beloved former President Donald Trump for it.

However, she didn’t accuse Trump of being a pedophile or serial killer. When she learned that Krispy Kreme was offering free donuts, she shared a CNN affiliate’s article about the promotion, and declared, “Ever since we were little kids we’ve always been told when someone tries to lure you in somewhere offering you ‘free candy,’ run far away because they’re prob a lying pedo serial killer.”

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Krispy Kreme has really upset DeAnna Lorraine with their latest promotion.
[Screenshot via DeAnna Lorraine/Telegram]

Again, free donuts aren’t only for the vaccinated. Krispy Kreme is also running a promotion currently that allows anyone to get a free glazed donut and medium coffee on a Monday morning — just for it being Monday, no other purchase or participation required. So, if Lorraine is upset that she’s being left out of the freebies, she’s still got an option.

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