DeAnna Lorraine Spreads Conspiracy Theory Tanzanian President Was Murdered For COVID Denial

Former GOP congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine has a new conspiracy theory. She’s now telling her followers that a nation’s leader was murdered for taking a stand against health precautions during a global pandemic.

[Screenshot via InfoWars/Banned Video]

According to the New York Post Tanzania’s President John Pombe Magufuli, who died this week, publicly took positions against COVID-19 precautions, even claiming to have eradicated the disease through a three-day national prayer session. His own supporters say the 61-year-old died of heart failure after a decade-long battle, while his opposition believes he died from COVID-19.

DeAnna Larraine doesn’t take either of those positions. Instead, she believes he was killed for what she calls “expos[ing] the fraud of the Scamdemic Covid tests.”

DeAnna Lorraine spins conspiracy web
[Screenshot via Deanna Lorrain/Telegram]

Sharing the New York Post article linked above on her Telegram page, Lorraine declared, “Noooo! ‘They’ killed him because he’s one of the only sane honest leaders left who exposed the fraud of the Scamdemic Covid tests.” Without defining who exactly she’s accusing, she added, “These people are f’n savages!”

Lorraine has engaged in her own brand of COVID-19 denial over the course of the past year, including claiming that masks are the biblical ‘mark of the beast’ because the words ‘mask’ and ‘mark’ have three letters in common.

Of late, she’s even turned on her once-idolized former President Trump, complaining that when he boasts and takes credit for the development of COVID-19 vaccines, there’s a risk that his followers will take that as a reason to trust doctors and scientists and get vaccinated.

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