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DeAnna Lorraine Says Masks Are Torture And Her Family Won’t See Her

DeAnna Lorraine Says Masks Are Torture And Her Family Won’t See Her

Q-anon conspiracy theorist DeAnna Lorraine now says that masks are torture being imposed because the government doesn’t want people to be happy. She repeated the well-debunked claim that while wearing masks people can’t breathe, and lamented that her family won’t see her, and hasn’t since Christmas.

[Screenshot via Deanna Lorrainne/YouTube]

Right-Wing Watch keeps an eye on DeAnna Lorraine’s Taking Back America podcast, and on Thursday they picked out and shared a clip of her complaining about the effects that the government response to the COVID-19 pandemic has had on her life. To minimize the spread of the disease, state and local governments have imposed rules regarding masks and social distancing. In California, where Lorraine recently ran in the Republican primary for Nancy Pelosi’s House seat, earning less than 2% of the vote, Governor Gavin Newsome has enacted a mask mandate in public settings.

According to Lorraine, the purpose of this mandate is merely to make people unhappy.

It feels like torture…It is torture, and they know it. The mask is a form of physical torture, because we literally can’t breathe…we can’t get any fresh air all day long. So yeah, they don’t want us to be happy.

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It’s not just the masks, though. Lorraine’s family — “intelligent individuals” — won’t spend time with her.

The loss of friends and family? I still haven’t seen my family since Christmas. They still won’t see me. And it’s hard…these are intelligent individuals, too.

In the full podcast, Lorraine goes even further, calling masks “the new burka” and claiming that the speakers in a recent misleading video, who claimed that hydroxychloroquine works for COVID-19 and has saved their patients (they include a pediatrician who believes illness is caused by sex with demons) will soon be arrested and jailed for spreading false information.

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