Deanna Lorraine Says Masks Are “Mark Of The Beast” — Because Of Spelling

Former congressional hopeful Deanna Lorraine explained on her podcast why she believes she’s found absolute evidence that masks, worn to limit the spread of COVID-19, are actually the Mark of the Beast from Biblical lore. That reason? In the English language, ‘mask’ and ‘mark’ are spelled similarly.

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[Screenshot via DeAnna Lorraine/YouTube]

In the Bible book of Revelation, there is mentioned the Mark of the Beast. Interpretations of this vary — some have theorized it would be a physical mark or device connected to modern data collection, such as a microchip or bar code. Some Biblical scholars have disputed that it would be a physical mark at all. However, Lorraine offered a new interpretation, suggesting that masks — which, unlike the ‘mark’ in most interpretations, can be removed or worn at will — are exactly what the Bible meant.

A lot of people think Biblically, it’s sort of a symbol of the mark of the beast. You know, I mean if we just replace the S with R, it’s, you know, “Wear the mask, wear the mask, wear the mask. Wear the mark, wear the mark, wear the mark.” And Biblically, right? So, it’s just so easy for these people to just violently aggressively order us and demand us to wear the mask. “It’s just a mask, it’s just a mask, no big deal.” But then, it’s also going to be those same people saying “It’s just a mark, it’s just a mark, just take it.”

A study this week at Duke University, reported here at WebMD, discusses which masks are the most effective at stopping the droplets that can carry COVID-19 and minimize the spread.

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