Deanna Lorraine Says Hospitalized Giuliani Should Have Skipped COVID Test

More testing for COVID-19 equals more cases, according to the President of the United States. Unfortunately, a lot of conspiracy theorists and Republicans are taking his word over that of doctors and scientists. Failed Congressional candidate and current InfoWars host DeAnna Lorraine is among them, it seems.

DeAnna Lorraine wishes Trump and Giuliani skipped the COVID tests
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Donald Trump was hospitalized with COVID-19 back in October, and Rudy Giuliani has been hospitalized this week with the virus.

However, DeAnna Lorraine has floated the notion on her Parler account and her InfoWars show that the testing is the problem.

She posted, “It’s all too convenient and coincidental that Rudy Giuliani suddenly comes down with COVID. They better not put him on a vent. Why is it ALWAYS Trump’s key people that “catches it” and never, never a Democrat??”

Later she added a longer post, claiming that 80% of test results are false positives and saying that the repercussions of Giuliani’s test are too much — they’ve taken the president’s attorney out of court at the final hour when he was fighting to overturn the election results, and his contact with Arizona legislators has forced quarantines there, too.

DeAnna Lorraine wonders why Democrats who follow CDC recommendations don't get COVID as much as Republicans who ignore them.
[Screenshot via Deanna Lorraine/Parler]

“I’m sorry but at this point I blame Trump, Giuliani and their team for anyone who gets a Covid positive test and the repercussions that follow from that positive test – this time, him having to quarantine and then shuttling down the AZ legislature for a week when we are already at the 23rd hour and have no time. The Covid PCR tests are inaccurate and yield 80% False Positive results. 80% false positives! We know this already, The Trump team surely knows this. So WHY the Hell do they keep getting tested when they know it’s a good chance they’ll have a positive test?? Come ON! They need to stop participating in this insane Covid game of tag. I have no sympathy at this point.”

DeAnna Lorraine is upset that Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump got tested for COVID-19
[Screenshot via Deanna Lorraine/Parler]

Right Wing Watch also nabbed a video clip of the failed political candidate complaining about Trump team members being tested.

While it’s possible Trump, Giuliani, or another legislator or public figure could have hidden an asymptomatic case of COVID-19 and kept working and spreading, a case severe enough to result in hospitalization wouldn’t have been easy to hide, and would certainly have still disrupted their public activities.

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