[UPDATED] DeAnna Lorraine Questions Whether Mark Zuckerberg Is Human; Thinks Facebook AI Will Destroy Human Race

This article has been updated to reflect changes previously referencing the activist group Project Veritas and these edits in no way affect the original facts. There is no intention of mischaracterizing Project Veritas, and the language Project Veritas found to be offensive has been removed.

Former Congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine is very prone to falling for and sharing conspiracy theories, but her latest is pretty extreme, even for someone who believed that masks are the ‘mark of the beast’ because the word is only one letter apart from ‘mark.’ Her latest conspiracy share is a piece claiming that Facebook’s artificial intelligence will destroy the human race, and questioning whether founder Mark Zuckerberg is a human.

DeAnna Lorraine shares conspiracy theory questioning whether Zuckerberg is human
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]
Lorraine’s newest Telegram post is a share of a Natural News article that, in turn, cites a Project Veritas video. If that name isn’t familiar, Project Veritas is an activist group that takes undercover videos and routinely edits and publishes them. Project Veritas describes themselves as modern-day muckrakers. Others have characterized them differently.

[Screenshot via DeAnna Lorraine/Telegram]
DeAnna Lorraine shared the Natural News piece in question, with a headline and preview blaring that “bombshell footage” would expose Zuckerbergs’ “anti-human agenda” that would, if not thwarted, “destroy the human race.”

The ‘bombshell’ turns out to be an opinion from Benny Thomas, a Facebook employee who was having a conversation with a Project Veritas reporter, unaware that he was being recorded until afterward when he declined to go on the record. He believes that the company should be broken up, because of the harm monopolies can do.

He also expresses some particular beliefs about the future of artificial intelligence, including that in the future, AI will see humans as we currently see ants at a picnic.

“If you and I went to a picnic, we would not spend one minute thinking about the ants that you stepped on, on the grass, right? For AI, we will become like those ants. It’s not like the AI will try to kill us, they just won’t care because it will be, it will be so superior that it will be like, ‘these people don’t matter.”

Halfway through the story, Natural News questions, “Is Mark Zuckerberg human?” The story then cites Facebook’s “censorship algorithms,” claiming that they are blocking information that “nefarious entities” don’t want the public to know, and declares that Facebook’s AI robots, and their (imagined) future of killing off humans like so many ants, is why several states are currently suing the social media giant.

In truth, as the AP reported in December, Facebook is being sued for being a monopoly — something that Lorraine’s shared article repeatedly conflates with creating deadly AI robot monsters — and for using that power to crush (in the business sense, not the ant-metaphor sense) rival companies, including buying smaller competitors. The company is not, in fact, being sued for the creation of a race of artificially intelligent beings that will replace humans as the dominant life form on Earth.

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