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DeAnna Lorraine Calls For 10 Million Trump Supporters To Show Up And Prevent Biden’s Inauguration

DeAnna Lorraine Calls For 10 Million Trump Supporters To Show Up And Prevent Biden’s Inauguration

Former Republican congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine isn’t done fighting for Donald Trump’s second term as president, just because it’s been a month since he lost the election. There’s still over a month until Joe Biden’s inauguration, and the InfoWars host is calling on Trump supporters to keep it from happening.

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Speaking on Alex Jones conspiracy-promoting InfoWars show, Lorraine called Biden a “clown in a suit,” and said that his inauguration must be prevented. Her plan to do that? Call on 10 million Trump supporters to show up in D.C. this weekend to protest the electoral college’s imminent vote.

Lorraine declares, “I will die before that [Biden being inaugurated] happens. That is not gonna happen on our watch.”

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The electoral college is scheduled to cast their votes on Monday, cementing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as President-Elect and Vice President-Elect of the United States, although Donald Trump and some of his political allies continue to deny this and press political lawsuits to overturn the outcome. These efforts continue to be fruitless, though Trump is still touting one more lawsuit, filed by Texas, which he hopes the Supreme Court will rule on in his favor.

However, even as she tries to mobilize 10 million Trump voters across the country to drag themselves to D.C. this weekend, DeAnna isn’t averse to giving his legal team their share of the blame. After Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani both tested positive for COVID-19, she complained about their resultant quarantines, which kept them out of court as the safe harbor deadline for election disputes passed. She said that they should have skipped the tests, thus avoiding the isolation requirements.

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