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DEA Special Agent Flashed Badge At Capitol — Now He’s Been Arrested

DEA Special Agent Flashed Badge At Capitol — Now He’s Been Arrested

Mark Ibrihim can be seen in a photo taken at the Capitol Building on January 6th. He’s holding a flag, wearing a knit cap, and what appears to be a flannel shirt over a t-shirt. The flannel is open to show both a badge and gun on his hip. When he lost his job with the Drug Enforcement Agency over his presence at the Capitol insurrection, he said that he was there to help the FBI. Now he’s been arrested for his role.

[Indictment screenshot]

In March, CNN reported that Ibrihim had expressed an intent to take legal action against the DEA. He said he’d been fired unfairly, with ‘performance issues’ cited as the reason, after having his badge and gun taken from him when he returned from attending the Capitol riot. He said he was merely a spectator, helping collect footage for law enforcement.

However, he ended up on the opposite side of legal action, according to the Washington Post, appearing in court Tuesday to answer charges that he had trespassed on Capitol grounds with a firearm, and then lied about it.

Though he claimed to be helping a friend document the activity for the FBI, his friend says they weren’t present in any official capacity and that Ibrihim had made it all up. Instead, the friend says that Ibrihim attended the protest in order to promote a podcast he was planning to launch after leaving the DEA — and that he had already given the agency notice of his intent to resign, before January 6th. Prosecutors accuse him of entering the barricaded area shortly after the breach, and showing off his gun and badge to others.

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However, photographs show Ibrihim inside the broken-down barriers after the mob of Trump supporters surged through — and terrorism expert Seamus Hughes pointed out on Twitter (above) that the documents pertaining to the indictment include a photo in which Ibrihim’s gun and badge are visible.

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