De Blasio Has Requested Criminal Investigation Into Trump NYC Taxes

At multiple points during his Presidential bid, Donald Trump promised that he would release his tax returns. The practice is of showing returns is a standard one that is followed by nearly all candidate for the land’s highest public office.

Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

Since become the President, though, Trump has done everything in his power to prevent the public from seeing the records. Last year, the investigative journalism agency ProPublica cobbled together a unfavorable picture of the returns by using publicly available information. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio says he used the ProPublica report to ask the state to open a criminal investigation into the President.

The investigative report accused Trump of showing high costs when he filed his tax returns. When he filed for loans, though, he would show lower costs to make him a more favorable applicant.

De Blasio was asked about these claims during an appearance on The Brian Lehrer Show. He told the host he referred the case, “because there is a possibility of a criminal act having been committed. ”

The Mayor continued, “[Trump], consistently has believed he was above the law, even before he was president. So this is a real problem, and I think there could be some real exposure here.”

When asked about the De Blasio’s statements, the Trump Organization said they were, “unfounded and clearly motivated by politics.” A spokesperson also accused the Mayor of, “using the power of his office to try and launch an investigation into his political opponent.”

During his congressional testimony in February, ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said the President used these kinds of tax practices.


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