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DC Restaurants Hide Betsy DeVos In The Back, Away From Windows When She Visits

DC Restaurants Hide Betsy DeVos In The Back, Away From Windows When She Visits

Restaurant owners delved into the dining habits of some of the Trump administration’s biggest names, detailing who likes to order what — and who gets seated where — in some of the swankiest spots in Washington D.C.

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Among the secrets divulged to The Washingtonian, the magazine that reported the story, is that some of the president’s most trusted advisers are kept out-of-sight, so as not to create a disruption or upset would-be customers who might decide to go someplace else if they knew that Trump official was there.

Among those who get treated in such a way is Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. An anonymous restaurateur told the magazine that DeVos is frequently seated in the back of their house, kept away from windows that face the public sidewalk.

This serves two purposes, the owner said. First, if a customer does become belligerent with DeVos, it is easier for the Education Secretary to get out the back, along with her Secret Service detail, than it is through the front of the building. But there’s another reason why she’s put in the back of the building.

“The only thing I wish is that nobody walks by my window and realizes she’s dining with us,” the restaurateur explained.

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That individual explained that DeVos is not the only person who receives that sort of treatment. White House adviser Stephen Miller reportedly also gets placed toward the back of that particular, unnamed restaurant.

Providing the Trump administration with proper dining accommodations has indeed proven to be a difficult task for some restaurants in the area. The Red Hen in Lexington, Virginia, found itself embroiled in controversy when it refused to seat Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a table last summer.

The owner of the restaurant said their decision to refuse Sanders’ service was based on a question she had asked her employees, some of whom are gay, about serving Trump administration officials. Those servers explained to the owner that they would be uncomfortable doing so, and thus the decision was made not to.

Not everyone in Washington D.C. is unwelcomed for being political — in fact, the Obamas, particularly Michelle Obama, is considered a guest that most workers and restaurateurs delight in having among their company, The Daily Beast reported.

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