DC AG Says Ivanka Trump Misrepresents Facts In Inaugural Spending Investigation

After being deposed in an investigation into Trump inaugural spending, Ivanka Trump tweeted to complain about the unfairness of being investigated when accused of a crime. D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine has responded to her tweets, saying that she’s being misleading and that her claims are incorrect.

AG Racine says Ivanka isn't being completely honest about deposition
[Photo by Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images]

In a tweet, Ivanka complained about spending 5 hours being questioned by “the Democrat DC AG office,” implying that there was a political bias against her family. She shared a screenshot of what purports to be an email from December 2016, that is only two lines long, to Mickael Damelincourt, managing director of Trump’s D.C. hotel, with Eric Danziger, a Trump Hotel Collection CEO, cc’d. The email is only two lines long and just calls for ‘negotiation’ and ‘fair market value’ — it doesn’t specify any further details.

A.G. Karl Racine responded to the First Daughter’s tweet, correcting the assertion that the investigation was politically motivated, citing D.C. law, and also sharing a screenshot of an email. His, however, was much fuller in context.

The email Racine shared is from Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who helped organize the Trump inauguration. She addresses Rick Gates and others, including Ivanka, and warns that there will be audits of inaugural spending. She suggests firm price caps to avoid any appearance of wrongdoing.

He also points out that the Presidential Prayer Breakfast paid $5k for the same space the Inaugural Committee paid $175k for, belying the claims that the higher price was “market value.”

According to NPR, the Trump family businesses are being accused of overcharging the inaugural committee and pocketing the extra profit. Tax documents released earlier this year show the president to be deeply in debt — literally hundreds of millions. Forbes reports that he’s been able to pay off $67 million while he’s been in office, where he has been able to enrich his businesses even as he made a show of donating his presidential paychecks.

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