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David Perdue Can’t Name One Senate Accomplishment

David Perdue Can’t Name One Senate Accomplishment

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Georgia Republican David Perdue has been a United States senator for six years. He’s locked in a runoff election with challenger Jon Ossoff to retain his seat and has made hundreds of public and TV appearances trying to convince Georgia voters to send him back to Washington for another term.

Perdue was a no-show at the final debate with Ossoff, apparently because he didn’t want to answer any tough questions about how he possibly enriched himself through a dizzying number of stock trades that were curiously timed after he had received Senate committee coronavirus pandemic briefings.

Tuesday night the senator was in the friendly confines of Fox News, which has gifted him and fellow Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler tons of air time over the past couple of weeks in a concerted effort to retain GOP control of the Senate. Former South Carolina Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy was in the interview chair and tossed Perdue the easiest of batting practice pitches.

Gowdy asked, “Once you get elected there’s a service component to the job. What is it about your service as a United States senator should voters who are trying to make up their minds in Georgia, what parts of your service would you like to highlight for them?”

Perdue didn’t have an answer. “Boy, that’s a tough question, Trey,” he stammered. “You know, um, as an outsider I never ran for office before I ran for the Senate in ’14. I just felt like the country was headed in the wrong direction and I felt like I could make a difference. The most gratifying thing may have just happened today.”

He then proceeded to mimic Donald Trump’s technique of making up anonymous people who personally express their gratefulness. As ridiculous as Trump sounds when making such claims, Perdue sounded even more disingenuous.

“Just today,” he said, “I had six people individually, six men, step up to me, quietly after the event was over … and tell me ‘I just want to tell you I’m a Vietnam veteran and I never got anybody to help me with my problems until your staff helped me’ this year, last year, whatever. But each one of those people made those comments to me today.”

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