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AMI’s David Pecker Backs Up Cohen, Now Fully Cooperating With Feds

AMI’s David Pecker Backs Up Cohen, Now Fully Cooperating With Feds

Donald Trump’s world is quickly shrinking. It has been less than a week since Michael Cohen reached a plea deal with Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel, and now, David Pecker, chairman of AMI, is allegedly fully cooperating with federal prosecutors.

AMI is responsible for the publication of National Enquirer, Star, Globe, and others. It is also the company that helped Trump and Cohen bury the Stormy Daniels story following a $130,000 payment made to the adult actress.

The Last Word’s Lawrence O’Donnell explained the situation:

“And we have more breaking news now. This from The Wall Street Journal confirming a question just raised before we went to this commercial break. The Wall Street Journal is reporting tonight that David Pecker, the Chairman of American Media Incorporated, which publishes the National Enquirer, provided prosecutors with details Mr. Cohen arranged with women who alleged sexual encounters with President Trump, including Mr. Trump’s knowledge of the deals.”

Unlike Cohen, Pecker may be able to provide direct proof of wrongdoing, including proof of payment to Stormy Daniels and potentially, other women.

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Here’s the full segment:


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