David Frum: Donald Trump is “One of the Fattest President’s Ever”

Whenever he is challenged in any way, Donald Trump almost immediately tries to find the weak-spot of his opponent. When he finds this perceived weakness, usually physical, he normally assigns a nickname. Mike Bloomberg is “Mini-Mike.” Bernie Sanders is “Crazy Bernie.” And Ted Cruz was “Crooked Ted.”

Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

The President, however, is notoriously thin-skinned and eager to respond to any slight. He certainly won’t be happy with a recent CNN appearance where former George W. Bush speechwriter called him, “one of the fattest President’s ever.”

Frum was asked about the effects of memes on the current political climate. Host John Avlon remarked, “One of the things that’s so interesting and sinister about this stuff is that it really does have the impact of trying to increase cynicism and apathy, that’s part of its goal, to sort of muddy the waters.”

The former Bush aide responded:

“One of the things Donald Trump tried to spread in 2016 was the idea that Hillary Clinton was somehow physically incapable of managing the presidency. I mean, it’s audacious. Donald Trump was the oldest president ever. One of the fattest presidents ever. The least physically capable president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in a wheelchair. He can’t pick up a ball, never mind throw it. But he was able to put into the minds of tens of millions of people the idea that Hillary Clinton, who’s a very vigorous woman in good health, was somehow too sick to be president.”

The President has yet to respond to Frum’s comments but they will most likely really bother him.

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