David Barton Says Vote Trump Because God Hates Adultery

David Barton, a right-wing political activist, is calling for Christians to vote in the way that he believes God is directing. To that end, he believes they should support Donald Trump, with a history of adultery, rather than risk supporting anyone who is in favor of LGBTQ+ rights.

David Barton says LGBT is more adultery than adultery
[Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]

Right Wing Watch shared a clip of David Barton talking about his religious views on sexual morality, and what he believes the Bible says about it.

By the way, the Ten Commandments also says “thou shalt not commit adultery.” Now what does that mean? God says I want sexuality confined to a man and a woman inside marriage. Anything outside of that is wrong. Whether it’s homosexuality, whether it’s sex before marriage, whether it’s adultery, sex outside marriage. Sex belongs right there in marriage. Well, that’s LGBTQ issues right there So, God’s taken a position on that in the Ten Commandments. I’m gonna have to take a position God takes on that. I don’t care what my beliefs are, I need to care what God’s beliefs are.

The Way Of Improvement reported in 2018 that Barton had declared Trump as possibly among the top five presidents in history.

It’s not clear how “LGBTQ issues” would amount to adultery or sex outside marriage when LGBTQ people can enter into legal marriages. One thing that is clear is that there are a lot of Christians who do not interpret the Bible the way that Barton does here. Another clear fact is that the governing documents of the United States espouse religious freedom, not Biblical law. Finally, is Barton really endorsing the candidate whose presidency so far has been defined in part by paying off a porn star to cover up reports of an extramarital affair?

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