David Axelrod: If Democrats Replace Biden, Republicans Are in Big Trouble

Donald Trump was terrible in last night's debate. The former President lied throughout the event and frequently failed to answer the moderator's questions. Still, with Joe Biden's poo performance, Republicans see last night's debate as a major win for their candidate. 

Biden's performance was so poor that there are questions over whether he should be removed from the Democratic ticket. And if that happen's David Axelrod says, the Republicans would have a big problem. 

The Democratic strategist said following the event, "If, for whatever reason, there’s a change at the top of the ticket, you guys are in trouble with Donald Trump, because the guy who was up there tonight, is not a guy who’s going to inspire people. He did not show in any way that he has changed from the guy who people have a very positive opinion of for a lotta good reason."

Axelrod also touched on the issue of Biden's performance, saying: 

“I think there was a sense of shock, actually, at how he came out at the beginning of this debate. How his voice sounded. He seemed a bit disoriented. He did get stronger as the debate went on. I think you’re going to hear discussions that I don’t know will lead to anything but there are going to be discussions about whether he should continue."