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‘Dark MAGA’ Shifting Trump Loyalism Even More to the Extreme Right

‘Dark MAGA’ Shifting Trump Loyalism Even More to the Extreme Right

There’s been a perceptible shift in the rhetoric coming from the more violent faction of the right to something even more sinister. A new extremist submovement within MAGA calling itself “Dark MAGA” envisions a 2024 Presidential race where “an even more ruthless version of Trump” will “carry out revenge” akin to the Terminator seeking revenge against his “enemies who defeated him in 2020.”

The Global Network on Extremism & Technology (GNET, not to be confused with SkyNet) says the #DarkMAGA hashtag creator claims the movement represents “Napoleon, being exiled, and then raising a f****** army to attack Europe to attack the elites.” The hashtag first appeared on Twitter in January and slowly became more popular, gaining ground on TikTok as well.

According to GNET, there’s no single identifiable group or ideology behind the movement. But the so-called Dark MAGA portrays itself with futuristic imagery far from current reality. Dark MAGA uses QAnon-type imagery in blood-red hues showing a post-apocalyptic Trump Tower painted entirely in black, with Trump having blue laser eyes.

Though the movement hasn’t been recognized or endorsed by Trump in any form, and he also hasn’t confirmed whether or not he’ll make another attempt at a second term, Dark MAGA is growing in numbers and spreading dangerous rhetoric. “It’s the realization that there is no political solution beyond vengeance,” tweeted one Dark MAGA account that has since been suspended.

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The language is troubling and seems to support more violence if Trump doesn’t return to the White House. “#DarkMAGA is the aesthetic demand that Trump embrace a harder and more focused approach to the role only he can fill. He was too kindhearted, too forgiving. Dark MAGA demands he learn from his mistakes,” wrote another Twitter user. “If you want to win, if you don’t want to repeat the past, you have to get mean; you almost have to embrace the villain role that they’re bringing you with,” says another supporter quoted by GNET.

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