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Dana Loesch Claims That The NRA Isn’t Under Investigation, But They Are — Attacks Krassenstein Business

Dana Loesch Claims That The NRA Isn’t Under Investigation, But They Are — Attacks Krassenstein Business

This morning, HillReporter’s Brian Krassenstein tweeted a message at the National Rifle Association’s Spokesperson Dana Loesch, mentioning that it’s being reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller likely has the NRA’s tax filings and details of their secret donors, before jokingly offering his “Thoughts and Prayers”.


Loesch’s response then proceeded, consisting of an astounding 28 Tweets and Retweets, directed at both Brian Krassenstein and myself, resulting in several lies on her behalf.   She first responded to Brian’s tweet with a direct attack, saying “You were investigated for a ponzi scheme lol,” which is partially true, as the Krassenstein business was involved in an investigation by ICE nearly 2 years ago. That investigation sought to determine our relationship with a Russian ponzi scheme ring which had purchased ads on our websites as well as on Google, Facebook and Twitter.  Once the investigation was complete, no charges were ever filed against Google, Facebook, Twitter or the Krassenstein business.

From there, things got even more interesting as she claimed that the NRA is not under investigation.

The problem is though, the NRA is under, not just one investigation, but apparently many.  In January, it was reported by Axios that the FBI was investigating whether the NRA used Russian money to help elect President Trump. Then in March, Politico reported that the FEC was investigating if the NRA accepted illegal Russian donations which were then funneled to the Trump campaign. Then in May, RollingStone reported that the NRA was being investigated by Congress for their connections to the Kremlin.

Dana Loesch caricature – Source: Flickr (DonkeyHotey)

It doesn’t end there though for Loesch’s continued lies and false allegations against Brian and me.  Loesch went on to claim that I have been tweeting “at [her] for months on end.”

A simple Twitter search shows that I literally tweeted at her twice prior to today, in my 8 years on Twitter.  Then she claimed that Brian incorrectly stated that she, herself was under investigation, which he never actually did state, before she took aim at our business once again, claiming that we “defrauded” people, which is simply a lie.

In fact, Brian reached out to Loesch on Twitter asking her to clarify her comments and quote any individual who claims that either of us have ever defrauded anyone.  Of course she has not, and she has decided to leave her libelous, inaccurate tweet in place.

This is just another example of Right-wing personalities making up lies to try and defend their own cause by discrediting the messenger. For a party that lives on the phrase “FAKE NEWS”, they sure do love to spread bogus news and lies themselves, starting at the very top of the chain — President Trump.  Then again, Dana Loesch is the same woman who said on TV, “I’m happy to, frankly, see [reporters] curb-stomped,” “Crying white mothers are ratings gold,” and “Many in legacy media love mass shootings.”

For the record, no criminal charges were ever filed against the Brian or myself, and we have never been arrested or charged with a crime in our lives. The civil, not criminal, matter was settled over a year ago, outside of court.


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