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Dan Rather Worried About Texas Refusing to Count Votes

Dan Rather Worried About Texas Refusing to Count Votes

Texas has become the largest and most consequential battle ground state in the 2020 election. President Donald Trump carried the state by nine points over Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016. But this year, former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, is poised for a possible victory, which would turn The Lone Star State blue for the first time since 1976.

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Texas’s 38 Electoral College votes could not just determine who wins this election; a Biden upset would completely reshape the electoral map, and it would be a crushing blow for the future of the Republican Party in national politics.

But electoral ratf*ckery, like when the Texas Republican Party over the weekend filed a lawsuit to have more than 100,000 legally cast votes thrown out because voters dropped them off at legal drive-thru polling stations, shows that the GOP’s efforts to disenfranchise voters are out in full force.

Although the Texas Supreme Court tossed the lawsuit on Monday, concerns abound over what other dirty tricks the GOP has up its sleeve to steal the election for Trump.

On Sunday, former award-winning CBS anchor Dan Rather said that he is worried about what Republicans might try to do to prevent all votes from being tallied.

“Texas has a long history, as do a lot of other states, that there are people in the state who knew how to cheat. There are people who know how to steal votes,” Rather said on MSNBC. “Whether that will actually occur or not, but we always have to be alert to it.”

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Rather cautioned that “no one can be confident that all votes will be counted” and that it is more likely than not that there will be bitter fights over which votes end up in the eventual total.

“I will say this, though. I think it’s very important for everybody, whether they’re Republican or Democrat or whatever they may be, that overall in the main, that we maintain confident in the integrity of the votes. Will every vote be counted? Probably not. Will some votes be stolen? Will some elections in certain sections be open to question? Yes,” said Rather.

The 2000 presidential election may be a harbinger of what could occur in 2020. The Supreme Court infamously stopped the recount in Florida before it was completed, leaving 10,000 votes in Miami-Dade County uncounted. It is widely believed that a majority of those ballots would have gone to Democrat Al Gore. The Court’s 5-4 ruling awarded Florida’s 25 Electoral College votes to Republican George W. Bush, handing him the presidency. The final margin for Bush was a mere 537 votes.

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