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Dan Rather: What ‘Mueller is Working on’ Will Make Cohen and Manafort Going Down ‘Pale by Comparison’

Dan Rather: What ‘Mueller is Working on’ Will Make Cohen and Manafort Going Down ‘Pale by Comparison’

Donald Trump has lowered wages for the average worker.

Over the past week, the mainstream media has been focused, rightfully so, on two significant occurrences that took place surrounding two members of Trump’s inner circle.

Early last week, while former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was convicted on 8 counts of fraud, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen was sitting in a court room pleading guilty to 8 criminal counts himself.  This is certainly huge news for anyone around Trump and potentially for the future of the Trump presidency.

With all of this going on, however, Dan Rather, a well-known former news anchor and journalist, believes that we are still only sitting at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to future news, which will eventually drop concerning the White House.

In speaking with CNN’s Don Lemon on Friday, Rather said:

“Always keeping in mind that Mueller knows so much more than he has shown. If you think [the Michael Cohen guilty plea and Paul Manafort conviction] was a shock to our democratic system, just stay tuned. Because the other things Mueller is working on, and sooner or later we’ll find out what they are, is going to make yesterday pale by comparison.”

While supporters of the president claim that there “is no evidence of collusion”, undoubtedly Mueller knows a lot more than the general public does.  The Mueller investigation has been kept tightly under wraps, with virtually no major leaks coming from investigators on the team.  The only leaks we have seen have come from witnesses who were questioned by the probe itself.

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“Look at how many people have either pled guilty or in Manafort’s case been found guilty,” Rather said. “We are on an ocean the likes that which no one has been on and the headwinds right now are against Donald Trump.”

No matter what your opinion is of the Trump / Russia investigation, one thing is for certain — the coming weeks and months ahead certainly won’t be boring.

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