Dan Crenshaw is in a Feud With Conservative Pundit Michelle Malkin Over the Georgia Runoff

Donald Trump has made life very difficult for Republicans over the last month. While he clearly lost the election in 2020, his frequent claims of election fraud are now imperiling his party’s chances in other races. This is especially true in Georgia, where a early January special election will determine control of congress.

Photo by Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Trump, embarrassed by his electoral loss in the formerly red state, is accusing multiple Republican officials of conspiring against him. Worried that this could convince red voters from hitting the polls, Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw encouraged Republicans to vote. This led to a feud with Conservative journalist Michelle Malkin.

Crenshaw took to Twitter to criticize lawyer Lin Wood. Wood has been encouraging people to support Trump by not voting in the Georgia runoff.

The Texas congressman tweeted, “Lin Wood is a Democrat that wants Republicans to self-destruct. Just because he wears a MAGA hat does not mean he shares a single value with you. He just wants your donations for his legal fees. He’s a grifter. VOTE IN GEORGIA. PROTECT THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE LAST 4 YEARS.”

This message led to a furious reaction from Malkin. She replied to Crenshaw, “Dan Crenshaw is a globalist John McCain in an eyepatch who loves to party hardy while our country burns. PROTECT OUR ELECTION SYSTEM & OUR COUNTRY, NOT THE GOP SWAMP!”

The January runoff in Georgia is set to be held on Tuesday, January 5th. Donald Trump will be holding a rally in the state on Saturday. It remains to be seen if he will focus on the GOP candidates or attempt to make the event entirely about himself.

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