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Dan Crenshaw Chides Far-Right Republicans for Refusing to Aid Ukraine

Dan Crenshaw Chides Far-Right Republicans for Refusing to Aid Ukraine

There are plenty of Republicans who have strange relationships with Russia. On July 4th of 2018, a group of 7 GOP senators went to Moscow. And John McCain famously ripped into Rand Paul, claiming that the Kentucky senator was beholden to Vladimir Putin.

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And now, nearly 60 Republican congresspeople voted against funding Ukraine in their war against invading Russia. While Dan Crenshaw said that his colleagues against the bill are wrong, he also said that he didn’t think they did so because of connections with Russia.

The Texas Rep. said on his Hold These Truths podcast, “One of the reasons I say I’m cynical about your comment about –more cynical than you are about — look the wing of the party that’s just completely against any kind of aid, you know, and the media calling them pro-Russia.”

Crenshaw continued, “I think a lot of them are not pro Russia. We have colleagues who I think earnestly believe, I won’t name names, but they earnestly, cause I’ve seen them say this, earnestly believe that we’re gonna start a war with Russia if we vote on aid to Ukraine. I think they’re dead wrong. I mean, it’s completely wrong. Um, it hasn’t happened yet. It won’t happen soon.”

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The Texas Rep. closed, “Russia has no bandwidth to just start a war with us though, so they’re wrong, but maybe they’re making that argument in earnest. But the problem is, is when you start making other arguments, like, like, well, the Ukrainians are just neo-Nazis and we’re sending weapons to neo-Nazis or, or look at these Biolabs.”

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