‘Damning Evidence to Indict the President’ is in the Mueller Report, According to Former Member of the Reagan Administration

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The release of the Mueller Report has created more questions than answers. The most alarming question: Why didn’t Mueller make a determination on whether or not Donald Trump obstructed justice? Since William Barr only released a short summary and there is no access to the actual report, it’s up to legal experts to parse what information the document actually contains.

Brian and Ed Krassenstein recently spoke with lawyer David Katz, on Krassencast. Katz, who now works as a lawyer in Beverly Hills, previously served in the Reagan administration. The criminal defense attorney believes the information in the report is potentially devastating to the president.

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When asked why Mueller didn’t make a determination on obstruction, Katz replied, “My own hunch is that there’s damning evidence of obstruction of justice, damning evidence to indict the president and maybe other people for obstruction of justice. But he just didn’t take a position on it.”

While Mueller is widely respected, Katz makes the point that he is a Republican. The Nixon investigations were run by Democrat, Archibald Cox. The Clinton investigations were run by Republican, Ken Starr. This is the first major investigation where both the prosecutor and the president were from the same party.

Katz also wonders why William Barr seemingly auditioned for the AG role by writing a memo on obstruction of justice. The lawyer said of Barr, “I’ve speculated and I think there’s some basis for it, as he hopes to be the next pick on the Supreme Court if an opening comes clear. So I believe he hopes to be rewarded.”

These are only two of the bombshell opinions Katz dropped on the podcast during his half hour interview. You can download Krassencast on iTunes by clicking here. You can also check out the interview on YouTube:

You can subscribe to the KrassenCast podcast on iTunes, Youtube. and Google Play.

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