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DailyDot’s David Covucci Tweets: ‘the Krassensteins sent the bombs, right?’

DailyDot’s David Covucci Tweets: ‘the Krassensteins sent the bombs, right?’

Over the past several days there have been 10 suspicious packages discovered, apparently containing pipe bombs sent to critics of President Trump.  The list of intended recipients includes the Clintons, the Obamas, George Soros, Robert De Niro, Kamala Harris, Maxine Waters, John Brennan, Joe Biden, and Eric Holder.

While the suspect remains at large and no proof of any motive has been discovered, the media has begun pointing fingers.  On the left, there are those who blame Trump and his hateful rhetoric, while there are conspiracy theories emerging on the right claiming that Democrats are behind the attempted bombings.  Then there are even those in the media who apparently believe that these are “FAKE BOMBS”.

Yesterday afternoon, David Covucci, a political editor for The Daily Dot, pointed his finger at myself and my brother Brian, apparently blaming us for being the ones who ‘sent the bombs.  In fact he made a tweet (seen below) at 4:59 PM yesterday afternoon,  which read, “the krassensteins sent the bombs, right?”.

By “the krassensteins”, I believe it is safe to assume he was referring to my brother Brian Krassenstein and myself, Ed Krassenstein.  This baseless attack by an editor of a well-known publication is startling, to say the least.  An accusation so bogus, so outlandish, and so baseless should not be coming from the Twitter account of a political editor for a publication which claims to employ between 51-200 individuals, especially in a political climate that is currently so sensitive.

I would never fathom committing violent acts toward anyone, let alone individuals who share the same political views as I do.  I would also never directly accuse another individual of sending bombs to former presidents of the United States.  These acts are purely defamatory unless there is actual evidence of such acts.

This morning, after someone pointed out the disturbing tweet that Covucci made, I replied to it, asking The Daily Dot if they ‘support their writers accusing other people’ of committing violent acts.  Covucci quickly deleted his tweet, within 15 minutes of my post.

I then reached out to both David Covucci and The Daily Dot for comment.  At the time of this publication, David Covucci has not yet responded to my inquiry, but Ramon Ramirez of The Daily Dot did.  His response was as follows:

“Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It was an unprofessional tweet that falls well below our editorial standards and practices. We’re happy that it’s been deleted. I think it’s important for reporters to have Twitter as an outlet for their ID and to be playful, but this crossed the line. We apologize for the baseless and uncomfortable position this has put you in, and are reviewing the matter internally.”

After Covucci’s original tweet, there have been multiple others both accusing us of being the bombers as well as suggesting bombs be sent to us.



I’m not sure how The Daily Dot plans to handle this event and frankly, I do not care, but as an editor here at Hill Reporter, I know I would not tolerate such a horrific post by one of our own writers or editors. I just hope that our readers see this as a wake-up call of sorts to remind us all that pointing fingers and accusing others of violent crimes in order to create a social media buzz, is never appropriate.

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