D.C. Mayor Asked Trump To Protect Legislators; He Said To Protect His Protesters Instead

As protests against racism and police brutality raged across the country during Donald Trump’s presidency, he called for extreme measures, including the national guard. However, it’s now revealed that when the protesters were his supporters, on January 6th, rather than protect D.C. and legislators from them, he called to protect the insurrectionists, at all costs.

[Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images]

At a Congressional hearing Wednesday to address the violence waged at the nation’s Capitol in January, Christopher Miller, who was, at the time, serving as acting Defense Secretary, was questioned about his actions on that day. When he was asked about Trump’s orders, he described the then-president focusing on the safety of ‘Stop the Steal’ activists who gathered to praise him and pressure Congress to overturn the election.

“I informed him of Mayor Bowser’s request [for the National Guard],” Miller says. When asked about Trump’s response, he says, “Do whatever was necessary to protect the demonstrators that were exercising their constitutionally protected rights.”

According to Politico, Miller went on to defend his actions, and to say that he did deploy the (unarmed) support for local law enforcement that Mayor Muriel Bowser requested, but that deploying military forces in a city like Washington is “complex.”

However, one thing that stood out for listeners amongst the details about what forces were deployed or under whose request, but the description that seemed to show the then-president focused on protecting his supporters, and to ignore entirely the safety of Congress carrying out their elected duties. Of course, this is especially stark in hindsight, after a mass of those protestors became rioters, invading the Capitol Building and threatening lives.

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