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Cuomo’s COVID Approval Rating In New York — Among Republicans — Is Higher Than Trump’s

Cuomo’s COVID Approval Rating In New York — Among Republicans — Is Higher Than Trump’s

President Donald Trump and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, two chief executives who come from opposing political parties, have had a noted rivalry with one another during the coronavirus pandemic.

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But while Trump has tried to say he’s the better leader among the two with regard to the crisis, members of his own party from the state Cuomo is in charge of — and the state that Trump lived most of his life in making a name for himself — say otherwise.

Trump frequently brags on Twitter about his approval ratings among the Republican Party. Last week was no exception:


Oftentimes, these polls do not actually exist — the president is bragging about numbers that appear to be either from internal polling that he won’t share, or just made up on the spot.

But a new Siena College poll finds that Trump doesn’t receive such high marks from within the party faithful when it comes to his response to coronavirus — at least, as compared to what Cuomo gets.

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Trump does have a high approval rating, to be sure, among New York Republicans on the subject, with 72 percent saying he’s doing well regarding COVID-19. But an even higher number of Republicans, 74 percent, say that Cuomo is doing a good job.

Trump has a higher number of Republicans disapproving of his job than does Cuomo, too. Only 25 percent of GOP voters in New York say Cuomo is doing a bad job. Conversely, 27 percent say it’s Trump who needs to do better on coronavirus.

What’s most intriguing about these numbers is that they come about before Trump’s latest gaffe about disinfectants being studied as a means to protect against coronavirus came about — the last day of polling was on the 23rd of April, the same day Trump made those comments (he did so in the evening, meaning it’s likely no one at all in the poll based their opinion after hearing them).

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