Cuomo Was Asked About Replacing Biden as Dem. Nominee at Today’s Presser

While New York has been, far and away, the state hardest hit by COVID-19, Andrew Cuomo has drawn raves for his leadership during the crisis. The long-serving governor has seen his approval rating in the state skyrocket up to 87%.

Photo courtesy of Spencer Platt/Getty Images

People outside of the Tri-State area have been paying attention to Cuomo too, with some thinking he would make a good President one day. A recent poll even found that a majority of Democrats would prefer the New York governor over Joe Biden on the 2020 ticket. When asked about the poll during his Saturday briefing, Cuomo said the move is not one he would consider.

When told about the poll numbers, the governor replied, “That is, on one hand, flattering. On the other hand it is irrelevant. But to the extent it’s flattering, I appreciate it.”

Cuomo continued:

“Everyone has been, I hope it’s changing, but everyone has been very suspicious of government, and government officials, politicians. Now it’s more important than ever before that people understand there is no politics here. I have no political agenda, period. I’m not running for president, I’m not running for vice-president, I’m not running anywhere. I’m not going to Washington, I’m staying right here.”

As to a followup question about serving in a cabinet position, the governor said, “I was a cabinet secretary twenty years ago. Been that, done that, been that, there, no thank you. I’m going to do what I said I was going to do.”


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