Cuomo Outlines How New York Could Reopen

There has been no area in the United States that has been hit harder than New York. The state has encountered nearly 300,000 cases and has seen 16,599 resident succumb to the illness.

Pat Arnow/Flickr

Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, has drawn universal praise for the way he has handled the crisis. And for maybe the first time, on Sunday, Cuomo delivered signs of optimism for the state. The Governor outlined a plan for some parts of the state to begin reopening.

Cuomo hinted that the beginning to the reopening could start around April 15th. “Phase one of reopening will involve construction and manufacturing activities, and within construction and manufacturing, those businesses that have a low risk,” he said.

The Governor continued, “Phase two would then be more a business-by-business analysis. They have to think about how they’re going to reopen with this quote-unquote new normal. What precautions are they going to take in the workplace, what safeguards are they going to put in place.”

Cuomo also noted that New York City’s resurgence could take a bit more time. “Downstate New York is going to be more complicated,” he said. “You can’t do anything in New York City that you don’t do in Suffolk, you don’t do in Nassau, you don’t do in Westchester.”



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