“Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell Found Guilty On Rape Threats

Christopher Cantwell, a white nationalist who was dubbed the “crying Nazi” after he released a video of himself crying about his fear of arrest after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, has been convicted on unrelated charges. Cantwell could spend two decades in jail for reportedly threatening to rape the wife of another white nationalist in order to pressure the man to give him information about another white nationalist leader.

Christopher Cantwell, "Crying Nazi", convicted
[Photo by Shay Horse/NurPhoto via Getty Images]

In a tale of apparent infighting between white supremacist groups, NBC reports that Cantwell wanted information about someone going by the name “Vic Mackey,” the leader of a white supremacist group known as Bowl Patrol, named for the haircut worn by Dylann Roof when he carried out a racist and murderous attack on Black churchgoers. Cantwell, who wore this haircut himself for a vague threatening post, reportedly contacted an unidentified middleman white supremacist, demanding he “give me Vic.”

He threatened to dox the unnamed victim, report him to Child Protective Services, and rape his wife. According to The Hill, defense for Cantwell tried to argue that the messages were simply “obscene” rather than threatening, but Cantwell was convicted Monday on charges of extortion and threats to injure property or reputation.

Cantwell was sought after the deadly white supremacist rally in 2017 for assaulting a counter-protestor with tear-gas, the Boston Globe reported at the time, leading to his posting the video above, in which he cries on camera and declares that it won’t be his first time behind bars.

This time he could reportedly face 22 years for his charges.

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